Pure Environmental

Fort Kent Geothermal Waste Cavern

Facility Highlights

The Fort Kent Geothermal Cavern accepts AER-regulated solid and liquid oilfield waste, imported non-hazardous recyclable waste, and Alberta generated non-oilfield waste including process water, wash fluids and hydrovac slurries.

We’re doing things better by providing:

  • Weigh-in scale located directly ahead of entrance gate. 
  • Wash cannons for safe and efficient cleaning of truck tanks.
  • A second weigh scale prior to exiting, eliminating potentially dangerous 2-way traffic. 

Wastewater is recycled in the facility process, and where possible, oil is recovered for transport to an appropriate location. This facility operates as a Net-Zero Carbon Emissions facility and is fully electric. 

Location Map


Strategic Location

Located at the intersection of Highways 55 and 892, 20 km west of Cold Lake, the Ft Kent Facility can be easily accessed twelve months of the year, providing safe upstream and industrial waste disposal options.

The location of the Facility, in the heart of the Cold Lake Oilsands, will decrease trucking distances resulting in decreased wear and tear to local highways, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, and increased public safety.

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